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Sponsorship Opportunities

The NCEA offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. We would enjoy visiting with you to determine the most effective exposure for your company and your products. For more information, please contact: Haley Schoolfield, NCEA President.

Donate A Horse
Equestrian student-athletes compete in a very unique sport. No other NCAA sport utilizes a "living piece of equipment." Equine athletes provide a platform for our student-athletes to showcase their talents. In order to thrive, individual programs need quality horses to practice and compete on. Programs actively seek out horses with previous show experience and specialized training to add to their show string. Donating a horse to a NCAA Equestrian program is a great option for owners seeking a tax deduction. If you feel your horse would be an asset to an NCAA Equestrian program in your area and are interested in speaking with someone for further information, please contact the specific university to which you wish to donate.