NCEA Priorities for Fundraising

NCEA Goal: To create a new model for how an athletic team can continue to function and sustain itself in the changing athletic and academic climates within the NCAA.

NCEA Championships - $200,000

The NCEA Championships host the top twelve schools in the country in Waco, Texas for the National Championships. This is a head to head completion and is open to the public. All schools are invited to bring their nominated horses to Texas.

Expenses include:

  • Equine Support for travel and bedding
  • Awards for competitors
  • Equipment required to host competition
  • Post-graduate scholarship awards
  • Technology—Live Streaming and Broadcasting of the National Championships
  • Media coverage for each round of competition
  • Officials and Administrative fees

Seed and Grant Funding for Developing NCAA Equestrian Programs - $100,000

The NCEA is currently on the NCAA emerging sports list and needs to grow to 40 schools. There are many schools that have expressed interest in the sport but may need funding to help defray the start-up costs that occur when starting a new program. It is the hope that with these funds, the NCEA can assist these schools.

Goals include:

  • Develop an advisory group to assist schools in starting programs
  • Support conference championships
  • Provide start-up costs for programs who have committed to adding the sport of collegiate equestrian to their campus
  • Offer reduction in travel costs for new schools
  • Reduction of membership fees to encourage new schools to add to the sport of Equestrian
  • Explore different formats for competition

Communications and Public Relations Within Equestrian Industry - $100,000

The NCEA needs professional companies to help generate a ground swell of support and organize the efforts of retention and expansion of collegiate equestrian.

Expenses include:

  • PR Firm/advocacy/consultant
  • Develop media and promotional materials
  • Lobby for the sport of collegiate equestrian to advance from the emerging sports list
  • Help generate a ground swell of support and organize the efforts of retention and expansion of collegiate equestrian
  • Conference call capabilities
  • Meeting rooms for annual gathering
  • Travel expenses for representation at yearly meetings at both equestrian conferences and NCAA conventions

The NCEA National Advisory Board (NAB) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization as a project fund of the Battle Creek Community Foundation.  Donations made to the NCEA NAB Fund qualify as a tax deduction and charitable contribution to the extent allowed by law.