Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Waco, TX - The National Collegiate Equestrian Association announced its November Farnam Horse of the Month on Tuesday, November 27th.

This highlight is focused towards an outstanding horse, not just one that gets high score every meet or an “MOP horse” but one that shows heart and represents the values of its respective school.

Name of Horse (Barn & Show Name): Lyle, Delaware State University

Discipline: Reining

Donor: Donated to Delaware State University

Highlighted Accomplishments: Lyle has been a part of the DSU Equestrian team for thirteen years. He has become an integral part of not just the reining squad, but the team as a whole and is truly a barn favorite. His kind demeanor and competitive nature make him a great horse for the program. He is always the first choice to put in the reining draw for show day and has stepped in for many horsemanship patterns as well. He was named an NCEA Top-Ten Reining horse this past season (2017-2018) and has given many competitors some fantastic scoring rounds-it’s hard to not leave the show pen without a smile on your face after drawing him for competition. In the barn he is sweet and quirky and loves treats and spa days-if you are lucky, he will even “dance” for you (he loves to bob his head up and down during conversations). When fellow DSU students come to meet the horses we always introduce them to Lyle and if the team is invited to bring horses anywhere, we take him every time. He carries the flag at every home meet too. He is a familiar and loved face in the program. This past meet against SMU (11/16/18) Lyle brought in the highest reining score of the day with a 73.5 as well as a 72-point ride with the SMU rider. 

Coach’s Comment: "Lyle is a steady-eddy in our program. He has been here from the beginning and it’s hard to imagine what the team would be like without him! We were extremely lucky to have such a nice horse donated to DSU. He has all the buttons and a great attitude in the ring-no matter what this horse will give his whole heart in the show pen at competitions. He loves his home at Dovington Training Center and often shows his spunky side when the girls go out to catch him for ride times! He is most definitely a DSU favorite, not only among the team, but DSU staff as well. He is as safe and reliable as they come and his heart, consistency and playfulness really embody some of the values of our program. He is truly a horse of a lifetime for our program." - Jennifer Ridgely, Head Coach (Delaware State University)

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