NCEA Junior Hunt Seat Medal Finals East Title is Earned in the Final Week of HITS Saugerties
Kierstin Antoniadis

NCEA Junior Hunt Seat Medal Finals East Title is Earned in the Final Week of HITS Saugerties
Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Saugerties, New York - Rising to the occasion this week were riders competing in the NCEA Junior Hunt Seat Medal Finals East. These Finals were developed for athletes interested in competing on intercollegiate team during their college career. A field of 20 would join us for the first round, which was scored over Jumper style course. The top ten riders would then return for the second round, the flat phase where they would be asked to complete a variety of the USEF Equitation tests including lateral movements like shoulders-in and haunches -in.

After the flat phase, the top four riders would return for the bracket phase of the competition, swapping horses so that they would be aboard a mount that they’ve never ridden before.

Riders in Bracket A would take the reins aboard Sophia Ahearn’s mount, EVEN KEEL, going head to head to make it to the Finals.

Riding first from Bracket A was Paige Jones, returning with a score of 83 from the over fence phase and a 70 from the flat phase. Jones would set the bar with a 78 in the bracket phase for a total of 231 which would put her in third place overall. Competing next in Bracket A, was Antoniadis, scoring an 80 and advancing to the final. With a total score of 253 after receiving an 85 in the over fences phase and an 88 in the flat phase.

Riders in Bracket B would compete aboard Antoniadis’ horse, CASPER.

Ahearn was first to go in this bracket, returning with a score of 82 from the first phase and a 72 from the flat phase. She wrapped up with a score of 79 in the Bracket Phase  for a total of 233. in the Final Four. Competing against Ahearn was Noa Diener. Her score of 72 in the Bracket Phase paired with her 70 over fences and 86 on the flat for a total of 228 was good for fourth place. 

It was Antoniadis and Ahearn competing one last time for the final of the Bracket Phase, aboard Diener's mount, LINDEN.

Ahearn would challenge the course first and received a score of 80, to finish in second place. Antoniadis would follow and be victorious with an impressive score of 90, riding home with a blue ribbon, sash, trophy, custom Triple Crown cooler, silver trophy, Equifit boots, a helmet, and the custom silver trophy.

 Thank you to HITS Horse Shows, One-K Helmets, EquiFit Boots and F.Ili Fabbri Paddock Boots for sponsoring this event. 

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