NCEA Announces Farnam Horse of the Month

NCEA Announces Farnam Horse of the Month
Thursday, March 8, 2018


Name of Horse (Barn & Show Name): “Dan” | The Irish Dance

Discipline: Hunt Seat

Dan is a 19-year-old gray Irish Sporthorse. He was donated in 2010 by Brooke Brownlow from Floresville, TX.


Highlighted Accomplishments:

Dan has been with the Baylor Equestrian team for past eight years. He has a heart of gold and has served as a pony ride horse for many of the home competitions as well as shown in the Equitation over Fences and Equitation on the Flat events. He has also participated in several reining practices when other horses were unavailable. He never refuses to be caught or go to work. He is reliable, consistent and eager to involved with the team’s needs. He is kind hearted and allows children and fans the opportunity to ride a horse that they may not have had before. He is patient with everyone he meets and often ends up on many of his pony ride kids’ Christmas wish list. He has served his time well and continues to be a tremendous asset to the Baylor Equestrian program.

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