Equitation Over Fences
Abbie Hopkins, UTM

Abbie Hopkins, UTM

Equitation On The Flat
Brianna Peddicord, TAMU

Brianna Peddicord, TAMU

Harley Huff, OSU

Harley Huff, OSU

Madison Bohman, TAMU

Madison Bohman, TAMU

NCEA Announces October Riders of the Month

NCEA Announces October Riders of the Month
Thursday, November 2, 2017


WACO, Texas — The National Collegiate Equestrian Association announced its October Riders of the Month on Thursday, November 2nd.

Texas A&M took home two honors with Brianna Peddicord capturing the EquiFit Equitation on the Flat Rider of the Month and Madison Bohman grabbing the Shorty’s Reining Rider of the Month. UT-Martin’s Abbie Hopkins took home the Equifit Equitation Over Fences Rider of the Month and Oklahoma State’s Harley Huff was awarded the Shorty’s Horsemanship Rider of the Month.

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Equifit Equitation On the Flat Rider of the Month: Brianna Peddicord, TAMU

  • Posted a perfect 3-0 record including her first two career MOPs
  • First career MOP came at #2 Georgia and followed with an MOP performance at Delaware State
  • Won all three of her points by an average score of 16.3
  • Scored a career-high 89 against Delaware State

Equifit Equitation Over Fences Rider of the Month: Abbie Hopkins, UTM

  • Freshman went 2-0 in October
  • Awarded three MOPS on the week in flat and fences, two of those for Over Fences
  • Influential in boosting UT Martin into the NCEA Farnam Top 10 rankings
  • All road wins

Shorty's Horsemanship Rider of the Month: Harley Huff, OSU

  • Freshman posted a 3-0-0 record with two MOPs
  • Helped her team win against Big 12 opponent Baylor

Shorty's Reining Rider of the Month: Madison Bohman, TAMU

  • Posted a 3-0-0 record with two MOPs
  • Captured her first MOP at No. 2 Georgia with a season-high score of 72
  • Was named MOP against Delaware State, leading the Reining squad to 5-1 win over the Hornets
  • Currently on a five-meet winning streak

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