Wednesday, February 1, 2017 | by Kyle Heck

Every year, there is a day set aside for the National Girls & Women in Sports Day to promote awareness for the campaign. The theme for this year's initiative is expanding opportunity, which is a perfect way to describe equestrian. That could be one of the reasons why several NCEA programs around the country have joined forces with NGWSD to promote the empowerment of women and girls to get moving, embrace physical activity and push past their limits.

Equestrian is a growing collegiate sport, and it continues to provide more opportunities for women and girls to become involved in sports and competition. This year's National Girls & Women in Sports Day falls on Feb. 1, and it is the 31st annual such day. The organization has worked for more than three decades to try and help women and girls all across the country.

"I just think it's awesome and a great opportunity that we have this day to celebrate our women and girls in sports," TCU head coach Haley Schoolfield said. "We're so fortunate to have equestrian to celebrate with all of our athletes and the opportunity that they have to attend college."

It's easier than it used to be to find opportunities for women in sports thanks to Title IX, but NGWSD wants to give that opportunity to every single female. It isn't just a one-day initiative, but rather a continued effort to raise awareness year round.

As mentioned before, equestrian teams all around the country integrate National Girls & Women in Sports Day into their meets and promotions. Other sports do it as well, of course, since it is such an important cause.

Not only is it important to give girls and women the chance to play sports in high school and beyond, but the spinoffs from those opportunities are endless. If a female receives a chance to continue sports in college, they are more than likely going to be involved with some kind of community service and will have the chance to earn a college degree, which can lead to many great things.

Georgia is just one of several schools promoting the National Girls & Women in Sports Day as the Bulldogs plan on talking about the initiative at a upcoming meet.

"It's so important to recognize the many contributions that women have in sports and how they give back to the community," Georgia head coach Meghan Boenig said. "We just want to encourage continued involvement and we love the participation numbers that we've seen in equestrian and how they've influenced the lives of so many. That's what is so incredible about sports."

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