Saturday, December 19, 2015

To: Friends and Supporters of NCEA programs
From: Dr. Leah Holland Fiorentino | Executive Director, NCEA
Re: Update on NCEA activities: Distinguished Alumni Awards

We are very excited to announce the establishment of the NCEA Distinguished Alumni Awards. The award receipts will be recognized at this year’s national championship event in Waco, Texas, April 13, 2016. Current NCEA teams are eligible to nominate one alumni in each category. Nominees for the Class of 2016 NCEA Distinguished Alumni Awards must have earned a degree before/including 2010; and have a record of successful contributions in athletic, academic, service, and professional endeavors.

Distinguished Alumni will be recognized in the following categories:

  1. Equine Industry: Riders, trainers, coaches, etc.
  2. Equine Industry: Medical, pharmaceutical, etc.
  3. Education: Teachers, administrators, social workers, counselors, etc.
  4. Business: Corporate, small business, etc.
  5. Health Sciences/Services: Doctors, nurses, health care providers, etc.
  6. Media & Communication: Journalists, TV personnel, etc.
  7. Community Engagement: Service/volunteer work, politicians, etc.
  8. Young Alumni: early success in any field – must be within the first two years post-graduation

Nominations close February 1. For more information about NCEA Distinguished Alumni Awards please contact Dr. Leah Holland Fiorentino, Executive Director of the NCEA <>

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