Thursday, October 8, 2015

To: Friends and Supporters of NCEA programs
From: Dr. Leah Holland Fiorentino | Executive Director, NCEA
Re: Fall 2015 Update on NCEA activities

Welcome back to the start of another exciting season of collegiate equestrian competition between the NCEA schools.  The season kicked off with a series of competitive meets and the upcoming schedule looks to keep everyone focused on our weekly rankings and weekly competition summaries.

The leadership of the NCEA has worked all summer to ensure that the sport continues to prosper and grow across the country.  There are several items that may be of interest to you:

1. National Advisory Board Fall Receptions – Members of the NAB are hosting receptions at the NCEA schools this year to assist each campus in reaching individual goals.  To date, the receptions have been well-attended and the NAB hosts report great progress in gathering support on each campus.

2. NCAA Update - We received an update from the NCAA Director of Inclusion, Dr. Amy Wilson.  Last spring, the NCAA Strategic Vision and Planning Committee (SVPC) tabled the CWA recommendation to remove Equestrian from the Emerging Sport list.  This fall, I was able to speak to the CWA and provide an update about the progress we have made in the last 9 months and our plans for the near future.  We have been informed that the CWA, no longer plans to recommend that Equestrian be removed from the Emerging Sport list and that the NCAA is looking forward to working with us to expand the number of meaningful educational opportunities through sport for female student-athletes.  We are waiting for additional details from the NCAA about next steps.

3. Membership Drive - As you all know, the NCEA is comprised of university equestrian teams sponsored by the athletic departments as a varsity sport on each campus. We currently have 25 member teams.  This fall, a new membership category has been added for NCEA supporters and NCEA alumni.  The Associate Membership category is open via the NCEA website at the link below.  Associate Members will have access to the latest updates on NCEA news and Alumni Associate Members will also have access to a new webpage on our website and provide updates about current successes. An NCEA car decal will be delivered via postal mail.  We are hoping for a successful launch for our first Membership Drive! Visit the membership site here:  Join the NCEA

Thank you for your continued commitment to NCEA

From Leadline to Leaders - NCEA

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